Group: Ravn, Tobias, Victoria and Amanda

Our suggestions:
We think it would be wise to present the actual numbers of people, who are suffering from the different eating disorders as, anorexia, bulimia and obesity and how these numbers have developed over time. Maybe you would like the find some personal stories.

- At first we would like to present the different eating disordes.
- After the introduction we´ll tell some personal stories and show how the numbers is and have developed though time

external image graphs-on-eating-disorders.jpg

These links show the statistic part of our wiki.
They present individually some unique statistics on the different eating disorders which we have chosen to focus on.

This page present the mortality statistics for eating disorders.
Click per capita in stead of total on the top of the diagram to change from the actual number of deaths to the percentage of dead or -in popular language- the chance of dying from a eating disorder. Ignore the first three countries Iceland, Malta and Luxembourg for as you can see the high ranking is due to one single dead, but a the countries have a very little population so they´ll very rank high if one is dead and at the buttom if nobody is dead yet. What´s interesting is that Japan is number one then..

Some statistics which compare the eating disorders to each other.
The statictics is made in New Zealand, but I might give a picture of how many the some of different eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and obsity) hit etc.

Like the others above, but shorter. By the South Carolina Department of mental health.
Including a list of celebrities who have suffered from eating disorders.

The whole site is a great site with many different views on anorexia.
This particular site presents a lot of statistics as how old the people who suffer from anorexia are, how long the awerage treatment is, mortality rates etc.
In addition it presents the authors personal views on the subject.

This site has a great animated map, which shows how obesity has developed since 1985.
We would very much have liked to show it in our wiki, but unfortunatly it wasn´t technically possible.

This site contains a good comparation of some of different eating disorders, we discussed earlier .
The above diagram has been taken from this site. it is interesting, that the media focus so much on anorexia even though so many more suffers from bulimia and binge eating.

Speeches on the subject "Food and Health":