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Authors - Sayed 1.y, Sophie 1.y, Michelle 1.s, Julia 1.s

Eating disorders in general - What is it and can it be prevented?

Eating disorders is a condition defined by abnormal eating habits, that may invovle either insufficient or excessive food intake which can danger the individuals physical and mental health.The most known eating disorders are bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. The cause of eating disorder is unknown, but there is evidence that speciel medical conditions and situation might increase the chance to get a eating disorder. Proper treatment can be effective for many individuals, but you have to take in mind that eating disorder is a mental problem, so you cannot fix it with medicine. The person most be strong enough(mental) to overcome the disorder. That is why family support and friends are very good against eating disorders. The consequence of eating disorders can be severe, including death. One of the most shocking part is that the affected individuals with anorexia does not even feel they are having this disease. They wont accept medicine, food or any type of help because they feel perfectly fine. The picture below is one of the most known "examples" with anorexia. A THIN girl who looks in the mirror sees a thick girl.

external image anorexia.jpg

Article about Anorexia Nervosa :
- http://www.medicinenet.com/anorexia_nervosa/article.htm

This article covers about everything about Anorexia Nervosa. It starts out very simple by explaining what Anorexia Nervosa really is.Then it builds on to that and explains the risks about anorexia nervosa and the causes of it. The article is very reliable due to the fact that it has been written by 2 medical author It has a good information value with over 8 pages of information about Anorexia Nervosa. The language is not too medical, even though terms are being used.The use of terms does not have a big influence on the understanding part. You will still get the point that the author is trying to make. So the language is not the easiest, but quite understandable if u have a average english vocabulary.

Video about Anorexia Nervosa
Here is a educational video about anorexia and how it feels to be going through anorexia. We are hearing a personal story from a girl named Emily, who overcame anorexia, but suddently felt back to anorexia. We get some "inside" knowledge about anorexia, so the point of the video is to show people how anorexia is affecting the mind.
The video is very good educationally because it is not boring and very interesting. The whole video last about 10 min and brings us facts, a personal story and a
psysiotherapeut's point of view. The video can help family or friends who is suspicous about a friend having anorexia.