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Food and health among children:

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we will be focusing on overweight and underweight between children in USA and Africa.
In America, 32 % of all children are overweight. That is about 1 out of 3 kids, who eats fast food almost everyday.
High cholesterol. Soaring blood pressure, a fatty liver and dangerously elevated insulin levels.
The number of people in America, who suffers overweight, is escalating in our generation. Everyone noticed the consequences of being fat. Diabetes and heading for a heart attack, Isn’t unrealistic for people struggling with overweight.
Comparing to healthy food, fast food is cheaper, easier to get, and it is “fast”. But it covers a lot more calories. A lot of people don’t feel like they have the time to cook a healthy meal, and instead they choose the easy solution – Fast food.
In the western world, many people have a dream of becoming skinny. In the Africa, their dream is the complete opposite. They just want to go to bed with a full tummy.
around 925 million people in the world are undernourished, That means one in seven people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life. 23 million children in 70 countries, gets help from WFP.
According to WFP in 2007 43.8 million of the children in Africa, under 5 year are underweight. . If we go 16 years further back, we’ll see the number of underweight and undernourishments in Africa was bigger than it is today.
A lot of children in Africa suffer from starvation and anorexia, but the numbers are getting lower through the years according to the researches I’ve done.
Every year we can see a progress in the statistics and every year we can start to follow the organizations. We can look at what they are doing and what they will do in the future.
We can make a chance and we are the reason to these numbers are getting lower.

If we compare the children in Africa with the children in the US, we will see the numbers of underweight and undernourishment in USA is down to a few. But the US citizens have a bigger problem… overweight and obesity.
Since the 1960-70’s, millions of people became overweight because of the major popularity of McDonald’s.
The price of a burger and fries is cheap, and people in every class can afford a happy meal. Happy meal is really popular, especially for the kids, because there always is a surprise is inside of the little box, and that brainwashes the kids, to make their parents buy one for them.
A lot of children, in these last 4 years, start to learn about overweight in a young age, now when it is a big situation in the entire country.
Year after year McDonalds starts to have supersizes in everything, but that means a lot more calories.
The statistics from shows us that approximately 97.1 million people, in US only, are either overweight or undergoes a life with obesity, and 32% of those are children.

People in the USA and Africa are starving. The children in the USA is addicted of the fast food they get every day they are in need of more, this is where the starvation comes in.
In Africa it is a matter of surviving, not of addiction or just for fun. They are in a need of protein, carbs and fat. So the differences are big compared to the two places.
The statistics from WFP is a statistic that was made recently, from 1990 to 2007. The people progressing for survival in Africa and Asia, because the media are filled up with commercials that gives us a bad conscious and makes us feel bad about ourselves, that makes us want to help the poor and those who needs it.
The changes for lower numbers of dying people in the world are getting better by donating money.As a matter affect, 10.9 million children under five are dying in developing countries each year and it makes you wonder if you could make a change, and start helping now. If we all help we will succeed and there will be fewer children in the world that will die of underweight and undernourishment.

“How can we allow anorexia in a western, modern world, when millions of people die of starvation in the third world?”

To compare starvation and hunger disaster in Africa with a mentally illness is a very hard subject even for me...
Today I have read tons of articles, seen videos, mailed to chairmen for medical socially and I wonder how anyone could come up with such a question.

First of all I will define anorexia nervosa. Anorexia is a mental disease, unlike what many think is it not something the patient choose. Anorexia is in fact a “real” disease.
And the causes are too, anorexia can lead toward bad self esteem and in a worst case scenario depressions and thought of suicide… …In fact anorexia increase the risk of suicide 7 times!
Besides! People with anorexia have a fear of being fat or becoming overweight, they are e risk of becoming dangerously underfed and therefore extremely thin.

No one knows for sure the exact reason why people get anorexia. But scientists mean it is a mixture of social, culture, hereditary reasons. Furthermore anorexia can appear by suddenly a loss of someone in the closest family and/or friend, if a person suffer of mind trauma or a loose of control!
The treatment last for several years, because of the terrible damaged caused on the patient mentally and psychiatric.

And now to something completely different!
Starvation in Africa!
It is a terrible problem with the starvation in Africa, BUT it is not caused by a mental disease. Instead it is caused by flooding, bad harvest, poor/corrupt politician, civil war as in Dafur…
This too is a HUGE problem and it is increased by the disturbances in Africa, which makes it difficult to send in doctors and help.

The situation in Africa is a enormous problem, and it is difficult to explain in a single short speech!

But we can saiy, that:
Patients with anorexia may look like people suffering of starvation, but the REASON is very different.
Finally I think we should try to reach patients with anorexia on an early stage. If we did a targeted campaign to help people talk with person with anorexia, BEFORE they damaged themselves chronically!
This could be placed at schools, secondary school, but ALSO at fitness clubs, since people with anorexia often trains for hours without eating.
And I am not the only one, who thinks this! Yesterday I spoke with a doctor, and he pointed out, how anorexia is a SERIOUS illness.,9171,1813962,00.html