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This wiki will be focusing on obesity, worldwide. Such as the global obesity epidemic, lazyness and the future of obesity (?)


  • What Obesity is and the consequences of it
  • Global obesity epidemic
  • Connection between obesity and laziness


Obesity is an illness you get by over eating in a long period of time. You are considered obese once your BMI ( Body Mass Index ) is more than 30. If your BMI is more than 40 you are considered morbidly obese.

If your calorie intake through foods and drinks are greater than the amount you burn of on daily exercise, will mean a gain in weight. But obesity can also depend on other factors such as medicines and your genetics. Medicines such as antidepressants and antipsychotic contribute to weight gaining and thereby also obesity. Your genetics are also an important factor, as children born by an obese parent are 10 times more likely to be obese than children born by parents who are not obese and have an average weight.
People with low income, have chronic mental illness, have disabilities, have a sedentary lifestyle and who are former smokers are in a higher risk of obesity than others who does not have a lifestyle like that.
To prevent obesity, you will need to do daily exercise and only eat the recommended amount of calories or less if you want to loose weight. Be aware of, that by going on a diet by cutting calories completely is dangerous and people who does that normally gain weight again quickly and eventually will be obese again.

Global Obesity Epidemic


This article is trying to make people aware of the global obesity epidemic, which is starting to get out of control. With more than 300 million people overweight, many of them are suffereing from different life threatning diseases such as diabetes and heart disorders. It mentiones that in South Africa, more than one in two adult women and one in three men are obese and overweight. Which is the almost the same in the US. In Morrocco, 40% of the population are suffering from obesity and in Kenya it is 12%. While in Nigeria it is approximately between 6-8%. In the Middle East, approximately 25% of the population of people living there, are obese. Meanwhile, in Japan, obesity has rising by 100% among the men since 1982. With the fattest children living in Chile, southern Italy, the Middle East and Greece they are the most vulnerable in this epidemic; If they don't start losing weight soon, they are at the risk of developing various diseases, associated with obesity and are most likely to develop them in their early 40's. Specialists are most worried about the large number of children who are obese and are at risk of developing diabetes, cancer and many more diseases. They are also saying that by losing 5-10% of their weight they could drastically change their lifestyle and thereby put them out of danger from developing diabetes, heart diseases and increase ones life expectancy. By looking at the obesity and malnutrition statistics in Africa, it is possible for the two factors can co-exist in the same country and at the same time.


This article is focusing mainly on the obesity and BMI in different countries, by looking at the graphs [look further down the page].
South Africa and Canada has an average BMI of 29 among both women and men. Women in Canada and South Africa have a BMI of 29. Between half and two-thirds of women and men in 63 countries, across 5 continents, not including the US, were all obese in 2006. In eastern Asia, only 7% of the population are obese, in comparison to Canada who has an obese population of 36% and 38% in Middle Eastern countries and 40% in South Africa.
Ellen Mason of the British Heart Foundation said "It is tragic irony that whilst much of the world is starving, many developed countries across the world are in grips of an obesity crisis."

[168,000 people were evaluated by a doctor on a single day. The US was not included in the report.
BMI over 25 is deemed overweight and greater than 30 is obese.]
[168,000 people were evaluated by a doctor on a single day. The US was not included in the report.
A BMI over 25 is deemed overweight and greater than 30 is obese.]

The graph shows:
  • The overall frequency of heart disease was 13% in women and 16% in men.
  • In Eastern Europe, men have a 27% and women have a 24% chance of getting heart diseases.
  • In Canada the frequency was 8% for women and 16% for men.
  • Overall, 13% of men and 11% women were diagnosed with diabetes.

This video states that cancer deaths will double within the next 40 years due to obesity. This is because the excess fat produces the hormones; estrogen and insulin, increasing ones chance of getting cancer.
A survey made in 2007, showed that a poor diet and no activity will account for 25-30% of cancers worldwide. Approximately 7 million people will die from cancer each year but becaause of the increase in obesity in the US, across Europe and the rest of the world, that number will reach 10 million in 2020, researchers have predicted. People worldwide have started to make it a top priority to stop child obesity.

Article - Shows the severity of the Global Obesity Epidemic

This article states that more 757 died of obesity in the UK last year this is an increase of 100 % compared to the year 2000, when 358 people died due to obesity alone. Researchers has found out that the expected life expectancy will drop 10 years, if you are severly obese. The youngsters in this generation are generally more overweight than the previous generations, which will mean that today´s overweight youngster will be in there middleage, the obesity rate will increase dramaticly in the coming generations. The increase of this generations overweight is due to the lack of campaigns and money the government wants to offer in this economic crisis, where you have to prior your needs.
“We urgently need action now, but unfortunately this Government’s record has been one of obesity targets missed and scrapped, budgets for information campaigns being raided, and dithering over food labelling. It is about time that the Labour Government woke up and started to take obesity seriously.”

The Connection Between Laziness and Obesity

The US and the developed countries spend billions of dollars every year on dieting. Half of the people in the USA are overweight, which is due to the lack of exercise and how people´s diet´s are in the US.
This link Obesity In The World show the estimated amount of obese people in the world and how musch money is spent on obesity related illnesses in the US.
This link Obesity In The World show the estimated overweight people in the world and how much money spent on weight loss programs



The article is from a britain media called politics.co.uk.

Britain has fallen into a "vicious circle of laziness". 36 per cent of respondents said they would not bother running to catch a bus. 15 per cent said they would rather watch a boring TV programme than get up to chance the channel. 52 per cent of dog-owners said they were too lazy to bother taking their pet for a walk. "Ready-meals, remote controls and even internet shopping are all contributing to a dangerously lanzy and idle Britain," the Nuffield Trust's medical director Sarah Dauncey warned. "The nation has fallen into a vicious circle of laziness that we must put at stop to." The government's blue-skies thinktank Foresight has warned that if no action is taken 60 per cent of men, 50 per cent of women and 25 per cent of children will be obese by 2050. The government spents millions of money on anti-obesity programmes, but these efforts do not appear to have had much impact. Two-thirds of parents said they were to tired to play with their children. It is "o wonder" one in six children are classified as obese before they start school, the report stated. The Nuffield Trust survey's top ten laziest cities, judged by the percentage who said they did not get enough exercise, are:

1 - Glasgow (75 per cent)
2 - Birmingham (67 per cent)
3 - Southampton (67 per cent)
4 - London (66 per cent)
5 - Bristol (64 per cent)
6 - Leeds (62 per cent)
7 - Newcastle (62 per cent)
8 - Norwich (60 per cent)
9 - Manchester (59 per cent)
10 - Cardiff (42 per cent)
In this map you can see Glasgow located in Britain. Glasgow is the laziest city in the United Kingdom!

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