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Orbisity is a main problem in especially United States. In Denmark obesity isn’t such a problem. We’ve wondered why that is, and chosen to focus on when it all starts, namely in childhood at school. What kind of food do they serve in United States and how is it different from in Denmark? How is the school food different fro state to state? How bad is children’s obesity in the US compared to Denmark?Dorthea

We also want to show you how organisations such as WFP are trying to provide help developing countries by providing them school meals. Yasmine

The website above is WFP's website. It's an organisation that dedicate some of it's work to provide school meals to schools in the developing countires. WFP's school meal programmes work towards achieving several Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The programmes directly address the goals of reducing hunger by half, achieving universal primary education and of achieving gender parity in education -- all by 2015. Yasmine

Facts for school food in the US http://www.growingagreenfamily.com/the-massive-disgusting-school-lunch-issue/

The article above is about school lunch issues, how unhealthy it is and how this food is one of the biggest causes of children’s obesity in the US. The writer tells us about the consequences eating the unhealthy food in schools leads to and supports her arguments with many reliable facts from places like “The School Health Policies and Practices Study (SHPPS)” and “USA today”. You get the idea that she has done a big research and that she has a big interest in this topic. She shows us her opinion very clearly and try to warn parents about how bad the food is. She writes especially to parents. They are the most important receiver in this article. The writer tells us directly that if you were a parent and lived in USA, you should not let your kid eat school lunches. The schools serves bad food and don’t even make up for it with physical activities.

She uses the appeal “logos” with all the facts she informs us about but she also uses another appeal, “pethos “ where she tries to make the parents aware of the problem with using phrases like” Your kid deserves way better” and “Our kids are the ones who suffer the health consequences” that will make them angry and sympothise with the children because it's not thier falt if they are getting fat! Yasmine


School food. http://www.b.dk/danmark/sund-skolemad-virker-hurtigt

Dansk skolemads ordning: http://www.godskolemad.dk/Default.aspx
The above link is a Danish site for a food program where you can buy food online and have it delivered at your school for lunch. On the website you can find a guide how to order the food to your school and more useful information about the company.

The danish school food:
In Denmark, healthy food is also a very big topic. In Denmark there is alot of focus on unhealthy food and
unnecessary consume of calories, therefor do "we" care more about what we eat, and thats an effect of the school food system. It's very unlikely to find such bad food in a Danish school as USA has.