The groups working with this subject at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium are:

Gruppe 1: Cecilia, Bøje, Emilia, Mortensen - Obesity in the World

Gruppe 2: Mikkel, Faber, Laurids, Cathrine - The Mediterranean Sea

Gruppe 3: Kameran, Cæcilie, Sarah, Christian - Food and Children (Starvation?)

Gruppe 4: Clara, Daniel H., Yasmin, Dorthea - School Food (DK vs. USA)

Gruppe 5: Sophie, Philip (1.s), Pernille, Michella - Fastfood Chains

Gruppe 6: Tai, Jacob, Riza, Bjarke - Obesity and hunger related illnesses

Gruppe 7: Philip 1.y, Jon, Peter, Laura P - Obesity in the Western World

Gruppe 8: Niclas 1Y, Victor, Karin, Laura - Western Food Culture

Gruppe 9: Alexandra, Marie Lind, Asta, Christina, Jeppe - Food Waste

Gruppe 10: Sayed, Sophie 1Y, Michelle, Julia - Eating disorders in general

Gruppe 11: Amanda, Victoria, Tobias, Ravn - Eating disorders: the facts

Gruppe 12: Louise, Christopher K, Martin, Olivia

Gruppe 13: Nicklas 1S, Andreas, Freja, Sofie L - Bodybuilding anorexia

Gruppe 14: Alexander, Frederikke, Marie Lund, Danielle - Anorexia: eating disorder

Gruppe 15: Caroline, Teresa, Helena, Frederik Madsen - Anorexia vs. Starvation