Western Food Culture Nigga

Written by deez niggas Karin, Laura Campos, Nicklas and Victor.

Our focus is on (especially) the American fast food industry and culture. We mean to compare America with Denmark.
The entire West is getting fatter by the second. The reason is mainly the change in our attitude to food. The unhealthy fast food is easy and cheap, and our boobs paychecks (especially in America) are small. The greater part of the Western population do not exercise a great deal, and this - coupled with unhealthy food, filled with sugar, fat and salt - equals overweight populations.
Uncle Jack needs you!... To loose weight immediately
Uncle Jack needs you!... To loose weight immediately

“U.S. Seeks New Limits on Food Ads for Children”

Article from The New York Times by dat William Neuman, 28th of April, 2011.

The federal government proposed new guidelines in April 2011 concerning advertisement for fast food directed at children. Many fast food chains and –companies use cartoon characters, who appear in television commercials and online games. The government ties advertising to childhood obesity, they suggest that there is a darker side to cartoon characters like Cap’n Crunch and Ronald McDonald. The governments new guidelines are meant to be voluntary, but the fast food companies are likely to be pressured into adopting them. According to the article “the F.T.C. said that in 2006, food companies spent nearly $2.3 billion to advertise to children.”The guidelines want the foods that are advertised to children to meet two basic requirements: they would have to contain certain healthy ingredients like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, or low-fat milk. And they could not contain unhealthful amounts of sugar, saturated fat, trans fat and salt.

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Fast food and American culture


The article is about, that the American way for living is built on speed and efficiency. Every new technology progress is a little faster and a little more connected. A mother can drop her kids off at school, respond to e-mails and pay her bills online in very little time. The car have also been made that people do not do exercise as much before the car. The TV has also made people eat dinner and see TV on the same time. The modern women (or man) has not time or energy to cook, because every ting was to go faster, and the dinner has been a thing on the Americans “to-do” list. Many American do not learn how to cook a good meal. So one off the reason that fast food is so popularly is that, many American cannot cook a good meal, so it is easier to pick something food on the way home, and the American people do not see dinner as they did in the past, they see it as a thing to do on the “to-do” list. That is the American fast food culture.

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Victor R. Holm 1.Y GHG
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This is Morgan Spurlock's revolutionary documentary, "Supersize Me". In this "exaggerated" documentary Spurlock investigates the American fast food culture's addictiveness as well as the reason behind the population's general overweight issues. He decides to go on a MacDonald's-diet (this means that everything he eats for a month must come from the fast food chain MacDonald's) and realizes during this escapade, that not only is he quickly getting fat - he might get serious health problems for life if he doesn't stop the experiment immediately.
Though advised by his specialist doctors and his GP to stop, Spurlock continues and concludes his experiment on day 30. In a month, he has eaten the amount of fast food recommended for an average person for 8 years. His girlfriend, who is a vegan chef, "detoxes" him immediately.

This is Morgan Spurlock on the "Supersize Me" poster
This is Morgan Spurlock on the "Supersize Me" poster