DEADLINE: Thursday May 19 all wikies should be finished including including videoes of your speeches.

Food and Health Worldwide: The situation of "The Haves" and "The Have-Nots"

(Read the task below)

Two classes of first year students at the high school Gammel Hellerup have read the article:

"As 14m Africans face death by starvation food giants are sued for 'making people fat'"

by Wendy Vukosa.

Metro, 26 July 2002.



Now both classes are going to work together to find updated information on this subject.

In groups of four (two pairs, one pair from each class), you should do a web-search about this subject, and bring the issue up to date. You will have two weeks to finish the project, and you will have one more lesson to work in class. You should meet with your group after school also.

  • You may look for any kind of data such as news articles, pictures, testimonies, videoes, etc. dating no further back than 2009. Remember to use words in English when you use search machines such as "Google". Search, for instance, "starvation", "obesity", "overeating" with words as "statistic", "situation", "solution" and add the numbers 2009 or 2010.

  • Your search should include information about "Food and Health" in the industrialized world ("The Haves") and your analysis should compare the data you find to data from the developing countries ("The Have-Nots"). You may also compare to the situation regarding "Food and Health" in Denmark.

  • All the data that you find should be gathered in a wiki page and/or subpage(s). In this page(s) you can paste links to articles that you find on the subject or any other links that help you get updated knowledge of the situation. Pictures can also be uploaded directly to the page, and YouTube videoes can be embedded on the page by using the video "widget" (click on the "widget" icon in the "editing" mode).

  • Try to link as many words as possible in your wiki to external pages. For instance, terms or concepts, names of companies, etc., which can be linked to a definition in Wikipedia or to the company's homepage.

You may use the service to work several people on the same document and chat with each other while you work. All you need is the link to a pad one of you creates and sends to the other members of the group.


  1. Everyone creates an account and logs in. Start by adding a "New Page" for the group (top left) and giving your page a title (one "home" page per group).

  2. At the top of your page you should include a title and explain your focus in this search. You may also create subpages.

  3. your page(s) should include summaries of the material that you find, and you should analyse the material and compare it.

  4. You may also use the page to "communicate" with the members of your group. You may write messages to each other, but remember to erase them before deadline.

  5. You should also include a more creative element in your wiki. It could be anything from a sketch/drawing, a quiz, a puzzle, a game like "hang-man" ( - web - student), a treasure hunt based on GPS coordinates ( or or barcodes (, or you could make a comercial or informative ad (a video you make yourself and upload to YouTube and embed in your wiki).